Welcome to my New Adventure!

Welcome to my New Adventure!

I'm so excited to share my Art and Life with you.  Art and Life - they are one in the same for me.  We were made to create, to be creative.  Whether it's putting paint on a canvas, cooking a delicious meal, nurturing a stunning garden, designing a beautiful home, or beading a pair of earrings - we all have creativity inside us. I am an artist, a gardener, and a fabric designer.  I also write short stories and have become a half decent cook.  The later happened because I discovered I could really grow some fabulous veggies and I had to figure out what to do with them all.  Hence, I also learned how to can and preserve. I have no doubt my mother has looked down from heaven and said, "It's about time." 

Freshly harvested beets.

I've taught art, been an art docent, and an instructor for Corks and Canvas Events for many years. Then I finally decided to start painting for myself.  I love to sit on my porch in the evenings with a paintbrush in one hand and glass of wine in the other.  Prints of much of my work are available on Olianna's and prints and originals on Peggy Stanley Fine Art.  Do you have a wall that needs a pop of color, a conversation piece, or a bold statement?  I'd love to help you out there.


Although I love fabric and love to sew, textile design was not something I had ever thought about.  Lucky for me, two of my dearest friends - sisters Stefanie and Milari - decided to revolutionize the puffer coat from plain black to beautiful, colorful florals and asked if I could design the prints.  Now I'm hooked!  Not only are my fabrics available at Coat de Fleur but on a myriad of items here at Olianna's.  

Floral Coat

I'm glad to finally have all my adventures under one roof - Olianna's!  In my next post I will tell you about that name.  Thank you for reading and I hope you stop by often.  Cheers to you and your creative spirit!


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